Clear yellow with a greenish tint, Tupelo honey is a premium honey produced in northwest Florida and southern Georgia from the Tupelo trees growing in swamps. Tupelo has a sweet and very distinctive flavor. Because of the high fructose content, Tupelo honey is one of the sweetest honey varieties and it rarely granulates.

Also known as "multifloral" or "mixed floral" honey, Wildflower is often used to describe honey varieties from miscellaneous and undefined nectar sources very near the hive location. Its color can vary from very light to dark and flavor range from light and fruity to tangy and rich, depending on the mix from the different seasonal wildflowers. This honey is most affective for the treatment of allergies.

Orange blossom honey, often a combination of citrus sources, is usually light in color and mild in flavor with a fresh fruity scent, and a fragrant citrus taste. Orange blossom honey is produced in many states including Florida, Southern California and Texas.

Contrary to its name, Sourwood honey is not sour, but sweet like any honey. The nectar is collected from the sourwood trees in the north Georgia mountains. This light-colored, delicate, subtle honey has an almost caramel or buttery flavor, and a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. Sourwood honey from Clarksville Georgia won Best in Show at the World Honey Competition in Paris France in 1996. This is truly a Premium honey.

Purple_StarThis honey has the flavor of Anise and comes from the Great Lakes Region. Purple star thistle is a pesky weed and a great source for honey nectar.

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