Honey Creek Bee Farm hiveThe Bigham beekeeping tradition dates back more than a hundred years to Roland Bigham.  A cotton farmer living in North Georgia, Roland began keeping bees in the late 1800’s to help feed his family when the times were difficult.

There was no commercially produced lumber available at that time so his original hives were made of hollow tree trunks that were cut into short lengths, with tops and bottoms constructed of hand sawn boards.  To provide a foundation for the bees to build on, sticks were laced across the hollow opening and the honey was harvested by cutting out the comb in large chunks.

In the 1900’s Roland's son Grady Bigham used home-built square boxes before adopting the Langstroth hives that we still use today.

The experience and guidance gained from past generations is an important part of our company.  Family owned and operated, Honey Creek Bee Farm maintains 75 honey bee colonies throughout Georgia where our bees can gather nectar from all the local plants.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional raw, locally produced honey and strive to continue bringing the highest standard of quality to all of our products.

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